Our story
We are a group of families with autistic children. We were unable to send our autistic child to a school or a center to train and teach our children due to lack of space in the then only available autistic center in Ethiopia. So our option was, especially mothers, to abandon our job and stay at home to look after our child with no hope insight. When one of the mothers, Rahel Abayneh, came with a vision to open another center for these kinds of children, we stand with her and managed to open this center. We are now trying to reach to so many autistic children who are deprived of their rights for education and rehabilitation because of shortages of schools and society's lack of awareness.

We first started with 6 autistic children. At those beginning days, due to lack of funds the board members were forced to discuss about the center sitting on the floor. We were in shortage of funds to pay salaries for the caregivers. Now praise be to God, we have 40 autistic children in our center and 20 caregivers to train the children.

Successful stories

We have some accomplishment in spite of the few years since we started our center.
We see lots of change on the autistic children we train. Like

  • Understanding what one says,
  • Able to eat independently
  • Capable of toileting and clothing,
  • Completing puzzles
  • Some children able to speak

We see hopes in the families with autistic children, especially mothers are now able to work and add incomes to the family.

Due to the awareness we created, we see understanding in more part of the society about autism. Consequently stigma and discrimination is slowly decreasing.


Nehemiah Autism Center
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Gerji Branch
Account no. 1000009335308
Swift code: CBETETAA
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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